Cast Me

Have you ever wanted to have your own game shoutcasted by BreakyCPK, with all the hype he brings to a competitive match cast?  Whether it is just to show off to your friends, or an attempt to gain sponsorship for your team, now is your chance, as we are excited to announce "BreakyCPK CastMe" for select games including; Dota 2, CS:GO and Heroes of Newerth.

$20 for Dota 2 / CS:GO / HoN (Under an hour long)

BreakyCPK will do an "official" cast of your select replay you send in full, or a live match you have (as long as Breaky is able to).  It will both be live streamed as well as posted on Youtube for you to watch via VOD.

All you need to do is select which game you want to be casted below, then after the payment you will be redirected to a google form requesting the game and match ID so I can go about getting the replay to cast it.  Please remember that I will only cast matches that are under an hour long, feel free to message me if you have one that is longer and we can discuss a service fee as a result.

For live matches, please message BreakyCPK on first and check for availability, or a replay cast can be done instead.

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