Monday, September 18, 2017

Busy Casting Week Ahead

All I have been hearing since TI7 is how busy this new season will be and how many opportunities there will be... yet until this last weekend I still hadn't heard much about actual casting.  Well, that changed as BTS reached out to me and all of the sudden I have a very busy and full week ahead, hopefully the start of much more to come!

I will be the official caster for the NA region in the Starladder Invitational Qualifiers this week, where the top 8 teams including Evil Geniuses, Complexity, The Dire, Immortals and more will be duking it out for the one spot on the line.

I will also be doing some EU PGL Bucharest Qualifier coverage on Tuesday as well, so pretty much my whole week is full.  I do plan to still do my personal stream on most days but we will see how exhausted I am!

Starladder Invitational NA Qualifiers -

PGL Bucharest EU Regional -

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  1. Got brillent idea of making a chart of your whole week work routine if your are professional and need to manage your time table and whole week tasks.