Monday, January 9, 2017

The Breakdown with BreakyCPK Podcast Announcement

As part of the new year, I made a point that I want to create more content on a personal level, and this is the beginning of that. Today at 3pm EST / 2100 CET I will be hosting my very own podcast show called "The Breakdown w/ BreakyCPK"

This podcast is inspired by watching and listening to a lot of radio sports show podcasts and will include a mix of recapping big events and news that happened during the last week, but also interacting with the viewers and bringing on "experts" as well as guests to interview on said news.
As usual with a lot of esport content, I plan for this to be a "laid back" environment, making it fun to listen to but still getting some good information out there.
Todays show topics will include;
ESL ONE Genting recap 
PPD new team announcement w/ interview 
New Na'Vi roster w/ interview from Biver 
Becomming a better Dota 2 player 
Other roster changes 
Other event recaps 
Viewer "call in" opportunity
You can find the podcast on my channel of
I am really excited to kick off this podcast show that has been in the works for a bit, and also big shoutout to PVGNA on helping me getting this going in the first place. I also want to be clear though that this is going to be a first show, with room for improvement no doubt. So please feel free to leave me any feedback what so ever, and let me know what you guys think!

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  1. I believe that your podcast will surely be a success and your handwork will payoff. Great work you have down. I will be following your podcast live, just keep us updated here.