Monday, January 2, 2017

What is ahead

So with the new year here, a tradition by many is to make resolutions of sorts on what they want to accomplish during the next year.  There are a lot of the cliche ones such as losing weight or trying something new, however I instead wanted to focus on my goals/plans/resolutions on my streaming and casting career.

With that in mind, here are a list of things I want to achieve within the next year;

  • Stream at least 25 hours per week (average 5 hours per weekday)
  • Reach 100 subscribers
  • Reach 10,000 twitter followers
  • Reach 20,000 twitch followers
  • Create a T-shirt to sell to fans
  • Attain a casting job at a LAN event for Dota 2
  • Attend (possibly work) at The International 7
  • Host a new podcast show on a weekly or bi-weekly basis
  • Host an interview content piece
  • Be official caster for at least 5 different online events, including other games
  • Write at least 1 blog post a week
  • Give my wife a hug once a day

I will do my best to keep up on all of these resolutions as well as revisit this every couple of months to make sure I am on track and to help keep motivated!  Let me know what your resolutions are for the new year.


  1. You have very well planned goals right? I hope you accomplish your goals and by the way these are not tough enough you can do it. Planning a year ahead on new year day is i think the best day to start your new year.

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