Tuesday, August 29, 2017

FPL NA In House Casting

The pre season of the FPL NA In House League started last night, which is an invite only league of the top players in the NA and SA regions, competing in a player draft based format from match to match.  It allows a mix of just overall good games to be played outside of scrimming/tournaments as well as an opportunity for new coming players to make a name for themselves.

I decided to hop on and cast some matches from the night, and I plan to do so as time moves on here as well.

FPL NA IHL PPD/Moon/Kingrd

PPD - Vengeful Spirit
Braxton - Venomancer
ixmike - Ogre
boris - Lycan
Bryle - Death Prophet
Moonmeander - Silencer
Bloodynine - Sniper
Kingrd - Batrider
Mad - Nightstalker


PPd - Dazzle
Braxton - QoP
Kingrd - Faceless Void
Bleek - Nyx
SVG - Slardar
Bloodynine - Puck
Boris - Veno
KvH - Lifestealer
Tralf - Lich

RTZ/Swindle/Dubu 7.5k avg

Ritsu - Venomancer
Dubu - Ember
Demon - warlock
Swindle - Vengeful Spirit
RTZ - Morphling

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