Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Official Match with Tuho (Insania/Micke) & more FPL

Turns out Team Tuho (Insania/Micke/Qojcva/Garter/Asuna) had a couple of matches today scheduled and didn't have an EN streamer for the games.  So I decdied to cast them, however only one of the games got played as the second one was forfeited.  It was for the SL Pro Series Season 20 Group Stages which is a small $2,500 tournament.  I also happened to cast a couple of FPL matches later on in the night, one including a base race of sorts.

Tuho (Insania/Micke) vs monkaS

Insania - Earth Spirit
Micke - Qop
Qojcva - Earthshaker
Garter - AM

FPL NA IHL - Bulba/Chessie/Tralf

Bulba - LC
Tralf - Kunka
Chessie - Lifestealer
Bloodnine - Luna
Wu - IO
Brink - Ember
ztok - Ogre

FPL NA IHL - Swindle/Timado/Tralf

Swindle - Disruptor
Bloodnine - Lich
Gunnar - Ember
Chessie - Vengeful
Dubu - Batrider
Biryu - Spiritbreaker
Timado - Drow Ranger
Tralf - Mirana

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