Wednesday, August 23, 2017

High level pub casting 8/23/2017

Here are some casts I did late on 8/22 and in the afternoon on 8/23.  We got to see an old school rivalry of PPD vs Swindlemelonzz take place!  Also had a 7.3k average mmr NA game with BSJ on Phatom Lancer going up against a Tiny/Io combo.  And then a 7.8k average mmr game from the EU region including players Khezu and Iceberg, which had a Huskar / Omniknight / Oracle combination of heroes.

PPD vs Swindlemelonzz 6.8k avg

PPD - Treant Protector
Swindlemelonzz - Shadow Shaman

BSJ/Monkeys/Jubei 7.3k avg

thetoo - Sand King
SunBhie - Tiny
Jubei - IO
JMC - Mirana
BSJ - Phantom Lancer
Creed - Arc Warden
Monkeys_Forever - Earthshaker

Iceberg/Khezu/General 7.8k avg

Iceberg - Earthshaker
ST_ST - Lion
General - Natures Prophet
Ryujin - Tinker
Pikachu - Huskar
Khezu - Omniknight

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