Sunday, January 12, 2020

Same But Different

To start this previous decade, I was getting things off the ground with Honcast and little did I know where it would lead me over the next 10 years both on a business side, but a personal side as well.  Living in Southern California, I was simply looking for more ways to get experience in sports casting so I could pursue a radio broadcast / sports casting career and I figured why not try casting video games.  So I did some research and found sites such as livestream, ustream, and downloaded many different applications to try to just get a 360p video quality stream out there for people to watch me attempt casting a video game called Heroes of Newerth.

Within a year of moving to a new state and city to work for HoN, I met my now wife whom I married in 2015 and have a beautiful daughter in 2018 who is now nearly 2 years old.

After ~6 years working on HoN and with S2 Games, I then decided it was time to move on and attempt the freelance esports casting market.  I didn't plan for it to be just Dota 2, however it proved to be just such a natural transition with players and other talent alike moving to the game, and the obvious similarities that I just ended up doing so.

Another 3+ years have gone by on the freelance market and I have no doubt enjoyed my time casting not only Dota 2 but many other games along the way such as CS:GO, Madden, Battlerite, Overwatch, etc. 

As the decade came to a close, I did a lot of reflecting on the last 10+ years and realized how much I have enjoyed over the years, and also how much I have learned from working for a video game company behind the scenes and in the freelance market.  With esports still being so young with so much room to grow, I have been fortunate enough to have been involved longer than many others, especially with the more recent explosion in the last 5 or so years and I have thought about potentially trying to use that.

My 10+ years of experience involved in esports mixed with my sports casting background and in general love of both video games and traditional sports.... if only there was something that would allow me to pursue a career with all combined.

Starting Monday January 13th, I will be working for Bit Fry Game Studios on their first and very recent game release of Ultimate Rivals: The Rink, an action arcade sports game that includes athletes from across all major sports clashing on the ice rink in hockey.  I will be focusing on the competitive development as well as content creation for the project which is just getting kicked off and no doubt has a bright future within the scene.  Ultimate Rivals: The Court will also be coming out in the future which I am excited to be a part of and in general I will be working on all forthcoming games from Bit Fry Game Studios.

I want to thank so many people that I have met over the last decade in esports to help me get to this point but I don't want to start listing names because there is no doubt many I will miss.  You know who you are and I really appreciate all the advice given to help keep me on path and keep the grind going.  

While I will still be a follower of Dota 2 among other esport titles, my involvement of casting such titles will come to an end as my work focus will be 110% on Ultimate Rivals.  So this isn't really a good bye as it is instead of an update on my situation, keep on following me on social media for many updates to come and I look forward on what the 2020s bring!