Casted Matches

With me doing a lot of freelance casting for other organizations, I am unable to upload all the casts that I do to my own youtube channel.  So instead I figured I would create a page on my blog post that both lists and possibly links (if I can find it) any events / big matches I have casted

*Most recent cast will be first on list
**I only link the first game of a multiple game series

Dota 2 (500+ Games)

Starladder CN Qualifiers
Starladder CIS Qualifiers
WESG SA Qualifiers
Galaxy Battles CIS Qualifiers
MDL NA Qualifiers
Perfect World Masters Newbee vs VG
Perfect World Masters Mineski vs VG
Perfect World Masters Mineski vs LGD
Perfect World Masters Groups
Summit 8 NA Qualifiers
Skincoin WCA
PGL NA Qualifiers
Perfect World EU Qualifiers
Perfect World NA Qualifiers
Starladder NA Qualifiers
MDL LAN Groups
TI7 Qualifier HUB at BTS
Lootbet Invitationals
Summit 7 EU Qualifiers
Zotac SEA Qualifiers
Starladder EU Qualifiers
Zotac AM Qualifiers
DreamLeague NA Qualifiers
Zotac EU Qualifiers
DPL Top League
ProDota Cup #16
Kiev Major EU Regional Qualifiers
Kiev Major EU Open Qualifier Coverage
Starladder AM Qualifiers
Starladder China Qualifier
ProDota Cup EU #14 Event
ProDota Cup AM Event
DotaPit NA Qualifiers coL vs EG
The Summit 6 NA Qualifiers


Enter The Arena Day 2
Enter The Arena Day 1


Reddit EU Championships Ro16 Yalla vs Venko
Reddit EU Championships Ro32 Yalla vs LMS

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