Wednesday, November 15, 2017

It has been a while, but a lot has been happening both in life in general as well as the Dota 2 world and myself.  I just got back from my first LAN recently, and leave for my next tomorrow morning, which will be in Shanghai China.

I also just recorded my first new podcast show with Zrock, check it out

Monday, September 18, 2017

Busy Casting Week Ahead

All I have been hearing since TI7 is how busy this new season will be and how many opportunities there will be... yet until this last weekend I still hadn't heard much about actual casting.  Well, that changed as BTS reached out to me and all of the sudden I have a very busy and full week ahead, hopefully the start of much more to come!

I will be the official caster for the NA region in the Starladder Invitational Qualifiers this week, where the top 8 teams including Evil Geniuses, Complexity, The Dire, Immortals and more will be duking it out for the one spot on the line.

I will also be doing some EU PGL Bucharest Qualifier coverage on Tuesday as well, so pretty much my whole week is full.  I do plan to still do my personal stream on most days but we will see how exhausted I am!

Starladder Invitational NA Qualifiers -

PGL Bucharest EU Regional -

Monday, September 11, 2017

Starladder Casts and more FPL with teamspeak

These last couple of weeks have been pretty busy once again with even more FPL casting as well as finally some actual tournament match casting.  All be it, not the tier 1 games, however I have been following Team Tuho a bit which included Insania and Micke.  They have been playing in many events, including a lower tier Starladder tournament as well as the open qualifiers for the Starladder iLeague Invitational Minor, where they ran into Khezus new stacked team in the semi-finals.  I found a co-caster for the series in someone named Robnroll, who turned out to be a pretty solid co-caster and we had a lot of fun in this bo3 series.

Also with all the FPL casting I have been doing, you can find my full youtube playlist here -

Starladder iLeague Open Qualifiers
Tuho vs mof game 1

Insania - Kunka
Micke - Puck
Demon - Rhasta
Garter - Necro
Qojqva - Alchemist
Khezu - Natures Prophet
Saksa - Oracle
Cancel - Invoker
W33 - Nyx
Timado - Drow

Starladder iLeague Open Qualifiers
Tuho vs mof game 2

Insania - Rubick
Demon - Rhasta
Micke - Juggernaut
Qojqva - Natures Prophet
Garter - Necro
Khezu - Brewmaster
Saksa - Lich
W33 - Nyx
Timado - Monkey King
Cancel - TA

Starladder iLeague Open Qualifiers
Tuho vs RSc

Insania - Sand King
Demon - Rhasta
Garter - Troll
Micke - Puck
Qojqva - Juggernaut

Starladder Proleague Groups
Tuho vs HREDS

Insania - Rubick
Qojcva - Magnus
Micke - PA
Garter - Necro

Thursday, August 31, 2017

More official matches with Tuho

Got to cast a couple more games today of team Tuho for the same event from the group stages, and both were actually played today.  A couple of exciting matches as always with this team, worth a watch.

SL Pro Series Groups - Tuho vs Rozbijeci

Insania - Earth Spirit
Micke - Lina
Garter - Juggernaut
Qojcva - LC

SL Pro Series Groups - Tuho vs Work Work

Insania - Earth Spirit
Micke - QoP
Garter - Arc Warden
Qojcva - Earthshaker

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Official Match with Tuho (Insania/Micke) & more FPL

Turns out Team Tuho (Insania/Micke/Qojcva/Garter/Asuna) had a couple of matches today scheduled and didn't have an EN streamer for the games.  So I decdied to cast them, however only one of the games got played as the second one was forfeited.  It was for the SL Pro Series Season 20 Group Stages which is a small $2,500 tournament.  I also happened to cast a couple of FPL matches later on in the night, one including a base race of sorts.

Tuho (Insania/Micke) vs monkaS

Insania - Earth Spirit
Micke - Qop
Qojcva - Earthshaker
Garter - AM

FPL NA IHL - Bulba/Chessie/Tralf

Bulba - LC
Tralf - Kunka
Chessie - Lifestealer
Bloodnine - Luna
Wu - IO
Brink - Ember
ztok - Ogre

FPL NA IHL - Swindle/Timado/Tralf

Swindle - Disruptor
Bloodnine - Lich
Gunnar - Ember
Chessie - Vengeful
Dubu - Batrider
Biryu - Spiritbreaker
Timado - Drow Ranger
Tralf - Mirana

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

FPL NA In House Casting

The pre season of the FPL NA In House League started last night, which is an invite only league of the top players in the NA and SA regions, competing in a player draft based format from match to match.  It allows a mix of just overall good games to be played outside of scrimming/tournaments as well as an opportunity for new coming players to make a name for themselves.

I decided to hop on and cast some matches from the night, and I plan to do so as time moves on here as well.

FPL NA IHL PPD/Moon/Kingrd

PPD - Vengeful Spirit
Braxton - Venomancer
ixmike - Ogre
boris - Lycan
Bryle - Death Prophet
Moonmeander - Silencer
Bloodynine - Sniper
Kingrd - Batrider
Mad - Nightstalker


PPd - Dazzle
Braxton - QoP
Kingrd - Faceless Void
Bleek - Nyx
SVG - Slardar
Bloodynine - Puck
Boris - Veno
KvH - Lifestealer
Tralf - Lich

RTZ/Swindle/Dubu 7.5k avg

Ritsu - Venomancer
Dubu - Ember
Demon - warlock
Swindle - Vengeful Spirit
RTZ - Morphling

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

High level pub casting 8/23/2017

Here are some casts I did late on 8/22 and in the afternoon on 8/23.  We got to see an old school rivalry of PPD vs Swindlemelonzz take place!  Also had a 7.3k average mmr NA game with BSJ on Phatom Lancer going up against a Tiny/Io combo.  And then a 7.8k average mmr game from the EU region including players Khezu and Iceberg, which had a Huskar / Omniknight / Oracle combination of heroes.

PPD vs Swindlemelonzz 6.8k avg

PPD - Treant Protector
Swindlemelonzz - Shadow Shaman

BSJ/Monkeys/Jubei 7.3k avg

thetoo - Sand King
SunBhie - Tiny
Jubei - IO
JMC - Mirana
BSJ - Phantom Lancer
Creed - Arc Warden
Monkeys_Forever - Earthshaker

Iceberg/Khezu/General 7.8k avg

Iceberg - Earthshaker
ST_ST - Lion
General - Natures Prophet
Ryujin - Tinker
Pikachu - Huskar
Khezu - Omniknight

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

High level pub casting 8/22/17

After having a conversation with my chat recently, I decided I need to be better about putting out content in general more than just streaming.  So one of the ways I have decided to do that would be posting either daily or every couple of days (possibly each week) of high level pub casts that I have done recently.

I will do my best to cast 1-2 matches at least a day of my stream and post them to my youtube channel, which I will them post here as well with information on each cast.


CCnC / Zfreek / Smash 7.3k avg

CCnC - Mirana
Smash - Abaddon
Zfreek - Ogre Magi
iCarly - Sven


Limmp / Hestejoe / Xcalibur 7.7k avg

Limmp - Alchemist
Hestejoe - Magnus
Xcalibur - Sniper
Skiter - Faceless Void

Fogged / CCnC / Mason 7.6k avg

Fogged - Pudge
Smash - Windranger
SVG - Treant
MSS - Faceless Void
CCnC - Ember
Justin - Omniknight
Mason - Anti Mage

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Where are they now? Former HoN pros in Dota 2

"Hey breaky, do you know what ever happened to x player?"  A question I have received many times, especially now that I have transitioned into the Dota 2 scene.  So what I thought would be a fun idea would be to create a list of sorts, of the former HoN pros (at least as much as I can remember) and currently which teams they are on in the Dota 2 scene.

There will be those that I miss, and if you notice any feel free to let me know and I will update the list.  Now people have their opinions on what "former HoN pro" actually means, but for the sake of this list any player that competed in HoN at any relevant event I am considering eligible.







Evil Corporation







Prodota Gaming






blowyourbrain aka phe'v

Natural Nine






Doo Wop


Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The Breakdown w/ BreakyCPK - Episode 1 (guests PPD, Biver and CartDota)

I hosted the first ever episode of my new podcast show The Breakdown w/ BreakyCPK this last Monday, and it went very well with great reaction overall.  In case you guys missed it, here is the VOD you can watch with time stamps on when each segment happened, including interviews with PPD and Biver.

Tune in to future episodes live at my twitch channel every Monday at 3pm EST / 2100 CET

ESL ONE Genting - 5:50
PPD new team WanteD - 33:00
Na'Vi new roster - 1:04:50
Tip of the Week - 1:17:10
Event Recaps - 1:29:50
Roster Changes - 1:36:30
Call In - 1:52:53

Monday, January 9, 2017

The Breakdown with BreakyCPK Podcast Announcement

As part of the new year, I made a point that I want to create more content on a personal level, and this is the beginning of that. Today at 3pm EST / 2100 CET I will be hosting my very own podcast show called "The Breakdown w/ BreakyCPK"

This podcast is inspired by watching and listening to a lot of radio sports show podcasts and will include a mix of recapping big events and news that happened during the last week, but also interacting with the viewers and bringing on "experts" as well as guests to interview on said news.
As usual with a lot of esport content, I plan for this to be a "laid back" environment, making it fun to listen to but still getting some good information out there.
Todays show topics will include;
ESL ONE Genting recap 
PPD new team announcement w/ interview 
New Na'Vi roster w/ interview from Biver 
Becomming a better Dota 2 player 
Other roster changes 
Other event recaps 
Viewer "call in" opportunity
You can find the podcast on my channel of
I am really excited to kick off this podcast show that has been in the works for a bit, and also big shoutout to PVGNA on helping me getting this going in the first place. I also want to be clear though that this is going to be a first show, with room for improvement no doubt. So please feel free to leave me any feedback what so ever, and let me know what you guys think!

Monday, January 2, 2017

What is ahead

So with the new year here, a tradition by many is to make resolutions of sorts on what they want to accomplish during the next year.  There are a lot of the cliche ones such as losing weight or trying something new, however I instead wanted to focus on my goals/plans/resolutions on my streaming and casting career.

With that in mind, here are a list of things I want to achieve within the next year;

  • Stream at least 25 hours per week (average 5 hours per weekday)
  • Reach 100 subscribers
  • Reach 10,000 twitter followers
  • Reach 20,000 twitch followers
  • Create a T-shirt to sell to fans
  • Attain a casting job at a LAN event for Dota 2
  • Attend (possibly work) at The International 7
  • Host a new podcast show on a weekly or bi-weekly basis
  • Host an interview content piece
  • Be official caster for at least 5 different online events, including other games
  • Write at least 1 blog post a week
  • Give my wife a hug once a day

I will do my best to keep up on all of these resolutions as well as revisit this every couple of months to make sure I am on track and to help keep motivated!  Let me know what your resolutions are for the new year.