Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The Breakdown w/ BreakyCPK - Episode 1 (guests PPD, Biver and CartDota)

I hosted the first ever episode of my new podcast show The Breakdown w/ BreakyCPK this last Monday, and it went very well with great reaction overall.  In case you guys missed it, here is the VOD you can watch with time stamps on when each segment happened, including interviews with PPD and Biver.

Tune in to future episodes live at my twitch channel every Monday at 3pm EST / 2100 CET

ESL ONE Genting - 5:50
PPD new team WanteD - 33:00
Na'Vi new roster - 1:04:50
Tip of the Week - 1:17:10
Event Recaps - 1:29:50
Roster Changes - 1:36:30
Call In - 1:52:53

1 comment:

  1. I really like your podcast and it was fun to watch while I waiting in the subway for my stop. I’m hoping you’ll continue to make more in the future.