Tuesday, August 22, 2017

High level pub casting 8/22/17

After having a conversation with my chat recently, I decided I need to be better about putting out content in general more than just streaming.  So one of the ways I have decided to do that would be posting either daily or every couple of days (possibly each week) of high level pub casts that I have done recently.

I will do my best to cast 1-2 matches at least a day of my stream and post them to my youtube channel, which I will them post here as well with information on each cast.


CCnC / Zfreek / Smash 7.3k avg

CCnC - Mirana
Smash - Abaddon
Zfreek - Ogre Magi
iCarly - Sven


Limmp / Hestejoe / Xcalibur 7.7k avg

Limmp - Alchemist
Hestejoe - Magnus
Xcalibur - Sniper
Skiter - Faceless Void

Fogged / CCnC / Mason 7.6k avg

Fogged - Pudge
Smash - Windranger
SVG - Treant
MSS - Faceless Void
CCnC - Ember
Justin - Omniknight
Mason - Anti Mage

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