Monday, January 1, 2018

The Breakdown Daily Recap - 1/1/18 (Forev leaves Immortals, LGD new roster)

Today is not only the first day of the new year, but as a result I am also bringing back my daily recap which I intend to do every day moving forward as long as I am involved in the Dota 2 competitive scene. I can't promise 100% consistency, but will do what I can to make this goal real and if I happen to miss a day or two, I will catch up on what happened the following show.

 Depending on how much happened, these shows will be anywhere from 5 minutes to 30+, and I will also upload both a Youtube video version as well as audio only right now to my soundcloud account.

 I will plan to post both version on my blog site here as well, so you can just check this site daily, or follow anyone of my social media accounts to make sure to stay on top of the content coming out. 

For this days show, 1/1/18, I discuss Forev leaving Immortals as well as the new LGD announced roster

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