Thursday, August 9, 2018

BreakyCPK Fantasy Football Draft League

Welcome to the BreakCPK Fantasy Draft League, where there will be an emphasis on the draft portion of the league, in which I personally enjoy a lot and I know many others do.  To make this happen the draft will work as followed;

The draft will be held in discord via voice chat on August 19th at 3pm EDT.  You MUST be able to make this date and time to play in this league.

We will be conducting the draft as an "offline" draft online via discord, ideally with webcams that will be streamed (webcam not required though).  If you are unable to make the draft live, your spot may be forfeited to another.  Plan for at least a 2 hour window to be there at the draft, leaving early may end you up with 5 kickers.

There will be trades allowed during the draft, however as it will be during the season as well it will be a list of approvals before it can go through.  First will be made my the commissioner (breakycpk) and if he deems it a very unfair trade, it will be put up to vote by all the teams on whether or not it can pass.

It will also be a snake style format. The league scoring itself will be a PPR league, other than that it will be standard scoring and play.

The league entry fee will be $50 via paypal, if you do not have your payments in by August 17th then your spot will be up for forfeit to someone else.

During the season, I also plan to host a podcast show of sorts where we will discuss how things are going within the teams, talk about possible trades and just shoot the shit about the league in general.  Anyone involved in the league is welcome to join these.

If you participate in this league, you are expected to be somewhat active during the season, please no just drafting teams and letting them sit during the season to see how they do.  We expect activity to keep it entertaining!

If you are interested in joining the league, please go to the following link and fill out all required information.

You will be contacted if selected to play in the league.

Feel free to leave any questions in the form or hit me up on social media if you want to talk about it.


What site will we be using?

I plan to use ESPN for the league

What will the payout be?

For our league, I think doing a 60%, 30%, 10% split makes the most sense to me

How many teams will be in the league?

There will be 10 teams in the league

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